Clenbuterol Side Effects

14 Dec

Being health conscious is one thing but taking drastic steps to shed weight is not only being desperate but also leads to dangerous repercussions.One such drastic method that has caught the fancy of people desperately trying to lose weight is Clenbuterol. Surely,it aids in weight loss and also body building but what people fail to take a note of is that Clenbuterol has more side effects than benefits.

clenbuterol-side-effectsClenbuterol owes its side effects to two facts: 1) It is structurally and functionally similar to epinephrine[adrenaline], a hormone and a neurotransmitter. 2) It’s usage in high doses and prolonged use. Epinephrine is vital for the flight-or-fight response and is it’s main function. This response is generated when there is danger to the survival or whenever the brain senses the need for a quick action. Epinephrine stimulates this response ,as a hormone,by increasing the heart rate and respiration. As a neurotransmitter, it causes the production of cortisol[stress hormone], which in turn increases blood pressure, muscle tension and, to be duly noted by weight-loss enthusiasts, it rapidly burns fat to produce high amounts of energy which is required to provide the muscles with strength. So, basically, what Clenbuterol does is make the body act like it’s under stress. While it might be useful in cases of heart attacks or asthma as a first-aid but it’s high dose and prolonged use will only put the body under stress at all times and will eventually break the body. It is strongly recommended not to exceed the 20 mg dose per day. But to attain weight-loss and for body building people consume as much 100 mg. This process goes on for 3-4 weeks which leaves the user with following side effects to deal with.

Clenbuterol side effects: These side-effects depress the health both physiologically and psychological. It tends to cause both short term which can be observed in 3-4 hours and long term effects that are noticeable in just a month. The short term physiological effects include: Headaches, Muscle pain or cramps, Digestive problems like upset stomach, Urinary problems[frequent urination], Vomitting, Increased heart rate [as high as 200 beats per minute], Increased blood pressure, Irregular heart beat, Palpitations, Shakiness or tremors, Insomnia[due to increased alertness] Psychological effects: Anxiety*Restlessness, Irritability, Depression.

All these effects have been observed in people who abused Clenbuterol in the year 1991 in USA. These short term effects are diminished as soon as the pill is removed from the body. Therefore,the consumers were not adversely affected.Similar cases have been registered over the years,for example,the contamination of meat by Clenbuterol in Portugal and China which resulted in poisoning and several people had to be hospitalized.  Long term effects: Degeneration of skeletal muscle[due to high uptake of calcium], Heart damage which may result in stroke. Weakening of immune system, Over eating or under eating, Drug or alcohol abuse.

Long term effects in man have not been surfaced yet because of Clenbuterol’s ban in various countries but in a study conducted on Wistar rats, these long term effects have been prominent and in some cases it even killed the rats. Human tests have not been done because in almost all cases when something is damaging for the rats,it is also a threat to the humans. It suppresses most of the biological processes by causing hormonal imbalances and although it might result in some initial weight loss but after some time the effects starts to wear off and the body tries to make up for the lost energy or revitalise due to prolonged stress which results in weight gain. Hence, Clenbuterol is advised to be avoided or take with strict doses and recommendation by a doctor.


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