Consumption of Clenbuterol in Sporting Activities

5 May

Clenbuterol is a stimulant commonly known for aiding the burning the accumulated fat in the body system. It is also an effective agent for releasing the burnt fat from the body. For this reason, it is a highly demanded by athletes and body builders. Apart from expulsion of fat from the body system, the drug also slightly raises body temperature, reduces the users’ appetite as well as increases the muscles mass.

Sports with clenbuterolClen is distributed in form of tablets, syrup or injection. It is not allowed to be administered as medication for human and animals that produce food for human consumption in the United States. Although prohibited in United States, it is commonly prescribed for treatment of asthma among other health complications.

Its ability to trigger composition of the body by causing reduction of body fat and increase in skeletal muscle mass has agitated its abuse especially by athletes. It is even cross-prescribed together with other performing drugs such as hormones that are responsible for stimulation of growth. Most of the professional female athletes have tested positive for clenbuterol.

The availability of the drug is attributed to illegal importation purportedly from states where it is certified for human medication. This has been aided by lack of strict control of the drug by the relevant authorities. International regulatory body has classified the clenbuterol as performing drug therefore it restricts the athletes from using it.

The major effects of clen lasts longer and highly potential as stimulating drug. The main benefit that athletes have seen in the use of this drug is that it increases aerobic capacity. It has been proved that it also stimulates central nervous system and boosts transportation of oxygen. This enables the athletes to run vigorously and for a long time without getting weary.

Other studies show that the use of Clenboterol raises the body fat metabolic rate. This causes smooth muscle relaxation. This increases supply of heat and energy to the body thus preferred by sportsmen especially when performing. This gives them an advantage over the competitors. This is the main reason why it has been barred by the various sports regulatory bodies.

Its availability and accessibility in the market has greatly attributed to its usage. It is affordable to many users especially in the countries where it is not banned. There is even the commercial advert of this drug that offers delivery to any location worldwide as after sale service. This has led to disqualification of many sports personalities for a certain period of time depending on the verdict of the respective disciplinary committee.

Given the serious possible side effects of the clenbuterol, many users have ignored them and have consumed the drug with little care. These side effects are excessive sweating, abnormal blood pressure, nausea as well as shaking of hands. It is recommended that the user subside after consuming the drug for several days to allow the body adapt the drug in the system. For beginners, it is advisable to start with small dose and progressively increase the amount every day until full dosage is taken.


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