Where to find clenbuterol

8 Dec

Clenbuerol is very difficult to find.  Usually, people buy it online, and this is the case of most of 90% of the purchases. Some people, buy it from local dealers, usually in the USA, where demand is huge.  This way of purchasing clenbuterol is very dangerous, because you can get arrested.

The safest way to buy the pills is from a legit online shop.  You can check the following before purchasing:

1. Online reviews of the website.

2. Write them an email, see if they will respond in 24-48 hours.

3. If they ask you for Western Union, most likely it is fraud.  They will take your money and you will never receive the clen.

4. See if they offer refund, if the package is confiscated by the authorities. Most sites do that.

5. Recently, they have been some US bases companies that offer 3-5 days shipping, i’d recomment them because if you do not receive the clenbuterol, you will get refund quicker than any other source.

. And always, do not forget to ask your doctor how to get those pills, because they might affect your health in certain ways.  The pills work well for weight loss and body building, but take them only after you consult with a physician.

* These is an online example of how the clen can cut your muscles and show off some abs.

Clenbuterol for women


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