How are your abs?

27 Dec

Abs are one of the most important part our bodies. It is not important only because of the look, but for the overall body support and structure.  They have been many ways to gain good abs results, here are some tips to look after and stick to in order to achieve nice results.

1. Workout the body until exhaustion, and do not give up.

2. Do the plank crunch. You do not need equipment to do this exercise.

3. Cable rotation, just you good cables and bind them to your door, window or outside polls (if you live in a house or have outside training place)

4. Bicycle crunch – you will need a mat (same for the plank crunches), it is one of the best exercises for your abs.

5. Cross crunch – stretch with your opposite arms and legs, and pull them.

6. Swiss boll roll-out – it gives the abs so much pressure that you will feel the results in about 60 seconds.

If you have experienced any other ways to shape your abs, please share with the community in the comments below.

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